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Which Works Better
For Promoting
Healthy Blood Sugar:
Eggs Or These 5

Eggs get a bad rap because they contain a lot of cholesterol,” says Dr. Holly Lucille, ND. “But there’s one key way in which eggs can benefit people with blood sugar concerns. Eggs are rich in protein and omega 3’s. And they trigger the body’s ‘metabolism reset button.’ This draws blood glucose into your cells where it’s burned for energy.”

Dr. Lucille has joined us in our studio to talk candidly about balancing blood sugar safely and naturally. As a top naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lucille has studied natural health and major health issues like elevated blood sugar for decades. And today, Dr. Lucille is sharing surprising information many people have never heard before. Such as the real impact of eggs on blood sugar.

Dr. Lucille has built a sterling reputation for helping people overcome health challenges with natural solutions. Through the patients she sees in her clinic and numerous appearances on The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors, Dr. Lucille has positively impacted millions of lives all over the country.

And now for the first time, she’s revealing a surprising new root cause of elevated blood sugar. Even more surprising? This information goes against usual medical advice. Most doctors aren’t even aware of it, says Dr. Lucille.

“Now more than ever, top researchers and experts agree. Blood sugar concerns go far beyond how much sugar you eat,” says Dr. Lucille. “Of course, eating too many carbs and sugar makes everything worse. Along with being overweight.”

“But new research has revealed something remarkable. As we get older, a crucial metabolism activator gets shut OFF,” Dr. Lucille tells me. “As a result, the sugar we consume stays swimming in our blood instead of getting used by our cells for energy. Worse still, much of that extra glucose gets converted to fat.”

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“But there’s great news,” says Dr. Lucille. “The answer has been staring us in the face all along. In fact, a brilliant Harvard doctor discovered this breakthrough over 100 years ago. But the medical establishment saw it as a threat. So, they buried it. That ends today.”

“You see, eggs are great at flipping that metabolic activator back to the ON position. However, there’s a big downside. Recent studies have shown eating too many eggs may worsen blood sugar control. Eating them in moderation is fine, but won’t be enough for most people to benefit.”

“Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to get the same benefit,” says Dr. Lucille. “After months of rigorous research, I’ve uncovered 5 superfoods that can turn ON your body’s ultimate metabolic activator. Together, these superfoods work like a powerful “reset button” for your metabolism. This makes burning off blood glucose and fat for energy effortless.”

“One of these superfoods is probably sitting on your spice rack right now,” says Dr. Lucille. Another is a little-known fruit eaten every day by the “super agers” living in Okinawa, Japan. These islanders live to 100 and beyond in remarkable health. Blood sugar concerns are rare in their culture. And that’s because this fruit is a potent metabolic activator.”

Dr. Lucille’s team put together a short presentation revealing all 5 superfoods along with the new “metabolism reset method’ anyone can use at home. Anyone interested in lowering their blood sugar and slimming their belly is encouraged to watch it.

Kenneth C. wrote in to say that Dr. Lucille’s discovery is working well for him. He had his 6 month checkup and his blood sugar numbers were in the normal range. Plus, his ankles are no longer swollen.

Suzanne T. wrote in sharing how she was surprised to see improvement in her blood sugar after 3 weeks.

Dr. Lucille has already helped thousands of people with this new “metabolism reset method.” And now she’d love to help you as well. Blood sugar concerns. Extra body weight. Uncomfortable burning or numbness in the hands, legs, or feet. It doesn’t matter. Dr. Lucille’s new metabolism reset method can help with all of it.

So for anyone interested, I recommend they watch Dr. Lucille’s brief presentation now. It only takes 30 seconds a day to use this “metabolism reset method” to promote healthy blood sugar. Not to mention, support healthy weight and soothe uncomfortable burning or tingling.

Click below to Watch Dr. Lucille’s Short Presentation Before It’s Too Late.